dia de los ninos1

Celebrating el Día de Los Niños y el Día de los Libros!

On Saturday, April 11, The Molina Foundation and the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation partnered to distribute 55,000 new Spanish-language children’s books to 64 schools, day cares, preschools, and nonprofit organizations in California and across country. The books were given to help local organizations host their own local Día de los Niños celebrations. … (more)

WBAY Howe Resource Community Center

The Molina Foundation on TV!

The Molina Foundation is proud to share this short news clip from ABC 2 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “It’s wonderful. The Molina Foundation is all the way in California. So, to have someone like that so far away to understand our needs and give us a gift like this is great,”- Valerie George, Development Coordinator at the Howe Community Resource Center. The Howe Community … (more)